“Dance is my life; it is the only cause of my subsistence”

Dance is my need & not my hobby. It is not just a profession but it`s a passion for me. It is not just a part of my life but I have it as my reason of life. My life is curtailed without dance. It not only helps me to trade my thoughts to others but also give me the prospect to communicate with different cultures and civilizations.

For me dance is worship because it is the concealed idiom of the soul. The expression of a person in its dance shows his love towards art, which help us to know the person more deeply, because body never lies.

I don`t know what dance is, because it`s like an ocean and am still in learning stage and I `ll be learning till my last breath.


Why I started this institution?

The primary objective of starting this institute is to tap the underlying talents in the people of this region, to bring out the utmost in their dancing skills. There are a lot of people who possess tremendous amount of potential in them in terms of dance but they hesitate to come forward because of the bashfulness. The one of the main objective of the institute is to make proficient dancers out of these people! What we lack here is a proper system of dance education; the uninspiring attitude of the people towards the art of dancing is to be changed immediately & significantly so that we can be in the race of this fast changing world. Lots of people think that why to join dance classes? Or better to have private dance tuitions from who are not charge less. But let me tell you one thing that learning from those who are not professionally trained is useless because they teach on the basis of the videos from TV or cinema and not on the basis of attitude and style. The difference between trained and untrained dancers is that the untrained dancers don`t know that where they are wrong. So, I intend to create a systematic structure purely and solely based on technique and style and groom them in such a manner that they are capable enough to perform like a professionals.

Things were exceptionally different at the time when I had started dancing professionally & decided to choose dance as my profession & career; there was no appropriate educative system. Things seemed to be extremely difficult and there was a prolonged struggling period involved. The deficiency of the system and the lack of awareness among the people as a major problem for dancers and performers like me. But slowly and gradually, people have become more aware of this art and its various shades. It is now an appreciable and upcoming career. And am really very happy that after me lots of people of this region has taken dance as their profession.

In our institute we try our best to explore the hidden talent among the students so that they can be trained according to their style & body language. We take lot of care to bring out these people in front of the society at large and needs great polishing so as to ensure pure and healthy entertainment. This course is the perfect and the most precise way to bring out the best in dancers!

I had undergone training under a range of international & national Choreographers/teachers, with the likes of Gilles Chyhen for Modern-Jazz, Christy Blyther for Pilates, & Ronnie for Lyrical/Modern jazz, & have also undergone workshops under various other choreographers like Sandip Soparkar for salsa, Tarique Khan for Latino & street jazz. Apart of these I keep myself update by attending workshops in different parts of the country & also with various instructional vcds.