Age Groups :

Classes are held for the following age groups:

Toddlers : Age 3 years to 7 years.

Kids : Ages & 7 years to 12 years.

Seniors : Ages 12+ years upwards.

Duration :

Each of our classes are 1 hour in duration (In special cases duration of the classes can also be extended.)

Days :

Ususally 2 such classes are held each week for each of the age groups.

Timings :

Our classes are held usually in the evenings between Monday to Saturday and on Sunday mornings.

Levels :

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced (Each Level takes usually 6 months to complete).

All our classes start with a warm up. This includes basic footwork which they will need for rest of the class. After the completion of our warm up session, students are made to focus on mastering technique and only after they are taught to utilize the technique in a dance combination that is the basis of the choreographies they learn. We basically teach 4 bars ( a set of 1-8 steps) in a class and help students to memorize them different technique.

Performances :

All our students are given an opportunity to perform in at least 2 shows in a year. We also hold various students parties, dance competitions, video shoot sessions and a host of other events where we give the students an opportunity to showcase their skills.